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FUKUSHIMA 2011-2017 Sound and photo exhibition

ohrenhoch, der Geräuschladen​

12045 Berlin - Neukölln

ohrenhoch, der Geräuschladen' presents
on the 'ohrenhoch Sundays' 
8, 15, 22 and 29 January, 2017
2pm - 9pm

FUKUSHIMA 2011-2017
Sound and photo exhibition

La imagen puede contener: exterior

by Tetsuo Furudate (Sound/composition)
and Tsutomu Otsuka (Photography)

with sound contributions by Daniel Menche, Rudolf Eb.er, ILIOS, Hiroshi Hasegawa, Keiko Higuchi

- Tetsuo Furudate about the sound exhibition FUKUSHIMA:
Disaster and tragedy are always existing with big noise.
Even if happened by nature or human being they needed big sound as their 'background music'. Moreover they wanted crying and many shouts from human mouth as additional sound.
We want to represent this kind of 'background music' to the photographs of Tsutomu Otsuka.
He knows that there will be coming silence by coagulation after.

Four variations based on FUKUSHIMA 2011-2017 will be presented each on a Sunday during January 2017.

- Tsutomu Otsuka about the photo exhibition FUKUSHIMA:
Tohoku earthquake and tsunami happened in 2011 March 11th.
I was starting my photos series about FUKUSHIMA after that.
15,891 deaths have been confirmed by this disaster.
Oddly strangely, the rescue parties searching for victims gradually also started looking for photographs buried by flood damage.
Those were memories of lost families and proof of missing lives.
And those pictures had been metamorphosed by chemical reaction in the mud.
Especially, they fascinated me, because I already have interest in chemical change of emulsion of printed photo paper by mud since 1992.
I tried many experiments how to change in quality pictures in the mud, swamp.
That's why I cannot overlook those photos that are rescued from the disaster.
Those emulsions are exfoliated and changed in appearance.
Even if they were lost by their families, I could accept strong memory that kept.

About my landscape in FUKUSHIMA:
The nuclear accidents of FUKUSHIMA have made grave pollution and zone.
The situation of pollution has not changed still now. Even forest, fields, dwelling, lake, marsh and mud.
Landscape where everything is with radioactive material, nothing changes.
I have been entering this zone since 2014. I took landscapes without human beings. I just took branches, leaves, earth that are totally contaminated.

Born in Tokyo. Started his career in experimental film and video art in 1981, then he started music and performing art. He premiered the experimental opera “Othello” 2001 at Podewil, “Auditory Sense of Mr. Roderick Usher” at Dresdner Zentrum für zeitgenössische Musik. He won the BLAUE BRÜCKE prize 2003. His radio productions were broadcasted by Deutschlandradio: “Motome-Zuka“2007, “GOYA” 2008, “Death Fragments Prelude” 2011. He premiered “DEATH FRAGMENTS” theatrical event with Edwin van der Heide and actors at Theatre Bielefeld.

He was born in Japan/Chiba prefecture, 1951.
He is an experimental photographer based on chemical reaction and he has a special sensitivity of his sexuallty.
His career started with making experimental short films.
Since 1986, he tried to establish his own style on photographic paper.
He developed his original technique that is reaction with photo paper with muds in natural swamp. We could see this result at an exhibition in 1992.
He continues trying this way to find his image.
He had many exhibitions based in Tokyo, also Lion, Los Angeles and more.

In 2011, Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami happened in Japan.
He got big effect from this tragedy.
Since after, he has been visiting the stricken area many times, and he has been taking photos there until now.

['ohrenhoch Sundays' are supported by initiative neue musik berlin e.V. and Konzert des Deutschen Musikrates]

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