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St.ElisabethKulturraum Zwinglikirche, Kleiner Wasserspeicher, Kesselhaus HerzbergeKM28SpreehalleUferstudios, Amerika-Gedenk-Bibliothek, Theater im Delphi

14.9.2022, St. Elisabeth, 20:00
Pierre Berthet (BE)
Douglas Lilburn (NZ)
Katsura Mouri (JP)
Pierre Berthet: »Musical Chairs«
Pierre Berthet: »Expirateur«
Douglas Lilburn: » Soundscape with Lake and River« (1967-1979)
Douglas Lilburn: » Poem in Time of War« (1967)
Douglas Lilburn: » Summer Voices« (1969) Diffusion: Werner Dafeldecker
Katsura Mouri: »New Work« (2022)

16.9.2022, Kulturraum Zwinglikirche, 20:00
Sachiko M (JP)
Charo Calvo (ES)
Charlemagne Palestine (US)
Sachiko M: »16092022« (2022)
Charlemagne Palestine: »Negative Sound Study« (1967/1969) Diffusion: Lionel Hubert
Charo Calvo: »3 eran 3« (2022)

18.9.2022, Kleiner Wasserspeicher, 20:00
Tomoko Sauvage (JP)
Delia Derbyshire (GB)
Valerio Tricoli (IT)
Tomoko Sauvage: »Waterbowls« (2022)
Delia Derbyshire: »Circle of Light« Film (1972) Introduction: Anthony Roland (Director)
Valerio Tricoli: »Visioni di Archeologia Spaziale (per Pietro Grossi)« (2022)

"REFLUX - Festival for Contemporary Electroacoustic Music" presents on 9 evenings in September, October and December 2022 each three different artists & composers from almost all continents. REFLUX is the international continuation of "FLUX FESTIVAL - Electroacoustic Music from Berlin" which took place in 2018 on seven evenings with a total of 28 positions at Spektrum Neukölln. For each of these evenings we will present a classic in addition to two contemporary positions, so three concert parts of 30-40 minutes each. The program will be adapted to the acoustic and spatial peculiarities of each location or composed especially for these locations. The invited musicians each have an individual sound and formal language and are rarely heard in Berlin. We asked all artists for conceptual proposals, so that the program will be a balanced mixture of composition commissions/premieres, already existing works and rarely heard classics.
REFLUX Festival is a production of with the financial support of Hauptstadtkulturfonds ...

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