martes, 21 de junio de 2022

SONOSCOPIA - Microvolumes 4.18 / Porto (Portugal)

 SÁBADO, 25 DE JUNIO DE 2022 DE 20:00 A 23:00 UTC+02

Microvolumes 4.18 | Ignaz Schick + POTT4 

Microvolumes 4.18

Ignaz Schick + POTT4
25 Junho | 19H
Entrada com oferta de jantar, 6 euros
Entrance with free dinner, 6 euros

Part 1)
Ignaz Schick (turntable, voltage controlled sampler, live-sampling)

Part 2): POTT4
João Costa (turntables, surfaces)
João Henriques (turntables, surface)
Sofia Pinto (turntables, surfaces)
Ignaz Schick (turntables, surfaces)

Ignaz Schick, experimental turntablist, sound artist and composer from Berlin at this concert will present two sets. The first part will be one of his classic collaged solo sets combining and cutting up various abstracted materials played and manipulated on voltage controlled sampler, turntables, mixer and looper/pitch shifter. He combines various source materials, mostly found sounds from various sonic archives which he either samples and/or manipulates live with various techniques and processes. The result are collages of crisp and noisy musique concrète, cut-up pieces which can sometimes have film-like associations and atmospheres and canr burst into harsh noise fields.

In Part 2 he will be joined by Joao Costa, Joao Henriques and Sofia Pinto to form POTT4 (Porto Turntable Quartet). The three Porto performers participated in the the workshop presentation and collaboration Schick led with Grupo Operário do Ruído at Bouca in May 2022. There together with Schick they explored, amongst others, the possibilities of surfaces manipulated vinyls and prepared pick-up systems to create manifold textures, rhythms and noises. Various objects, stickers, tape and objects are glued and collaged on old vinyls and rotating disks. The graphic and physical patterns and textures wich are picked up by various prepared cartridges and contact microphones create simple but tight analog rhythms and textures.

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