jueves, 8 de diciembre de 2022


 London Cafe Oto, Vortex Jazz and Servant Jazz Quarters, 10 December, 2–4:30pm, £12–£8.

                                              Jason Yarde's Stroke Rehabilitation Journey

On the evening of Friday 7th October, at Pavillon République in Toulouse, France, much-loved father, brother, friend and phenomenal composer/musician Jason Yarde suffered a massive stroke while on stage performing.

It was extremely lucky that paramedics were at the gig and quickly got Jason to the hospital. A bleed was found on his brain. Having caught it so fast, Jason was operated on swiftly in the hospital, and as a result, we are relieved to say they are now discussing next steps and his return to the UK. Some may know that Jason also underwent heart surgery in November 2020, so he was in a fragile state before the incident.

When Jason returns to the UK, those who love him want to ensure he can focus on his rehabilitation and not worry about how to afford what will be substantial costs including any physiotherapy, massage therapy, accommodation and living costs.

Read more: https://www.gofundme.com/f/jason-yardes-stroke-rehabilitation-journey

Tickets include entry to all three venues.

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