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LUMPEKS TOUR- France-Poland 3/4 2024


27/03 concert @ L'art Bistro, Forcalquier (FR)

28/03 concert @ Nickcave (FR)

29/03 concert @ Les Soirées du Bichet, Mirmande (FR)

30/03 RELEASE PARTY @ Café de Paris, Paris (FR)

18/04 concert @ Ignorantka, Lodz (PL)

19/04 concert @ TBA, Krakow (PL)

20/04 RELEASE PARTY @ Polskie Radio, Warsaw (PL)

The Franco-Polish quartet Lumpeks plays a music at the crossroads of jazz and traditional dance music from central Poland. After a first opus very well received by the critics and the public, the group returns with a second album : Polonez. The repertoire of this new opus is the fruit of a field research organised in march 2022 at musicians of different generations.

In the continuity of this oral transmission, the band Lumpeks improvise freely with dance tunes and traditional folksongs. The evocative title reminds both a popular dance in the traditional musicians’ repertoire as well as the famous 80’s car model, as a nod to the band’s trip through the countryside of the Radom region.


Teaser by Hania Linkowska 

Louis Laurain : cornet, bird calls, drone box

Pierre Borel : alto sax, cabasa

Olga Koziel : voice, bębenek obręczowy, baraban, trumpet

Sébastien Beliah : double bass, basy, clarinet, drone box

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