martes, 2 de mayo de 2023



Die Hochstapler "The Impostors" draw inspiration from the whole rich tradition of Jazz, Improvised Music and oral culture. Their abandonment of notation and use of game structures, alphabets and morse code allow them to reach a high degree of complexity, jumping from one piece to another or keeping several going at the same time and composing in real time, all the while maintaining a joyful, playing cards like attitude.

Pierre Borel : alto sax
 Louis Laurain : trumpet
Antonio Borghini : double bass 
Hannes Lingens : drums, vibraphone

05/05 concert KM28, Berlin, (DE)
06/05 concert Zoglau3, Zoglau, (DE)
07/05 concert @ Kunsthaus Troisdorf, Troisdorf, (DE)

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